The symbol of the Goddess of Joy

This #symbol stands for the #Goddess #bereginya #Muse which I stitched on my #destinydress on my sleeves.The sleeves representing the #wings of the #tree when I lift them up. And this symbol showing its energy of the muse expressing through me with abilities that will support me in the future.

I actually did a #ritual to invite this Goddess and the Muse in when I wrote my book 'The #Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of weaving your own #destiny'.For that, I always put my destiny dress with those different Goddess symbols on and invited the Muse. And then the writing literally just worked through me like a river, a smooth flow.Magic in action and how those symbols literally invite and manifest this magic through the expression of this certain energy in the NOW. Wyrding Way in action😊.

I have learned the 27 Slawic Goddess Symbols through a Card Deck here: