My story about how I came to sacred destiny weaving

Some of you may know that after finishing my Online Summit „Natural learning and living“ in 2017, I have followed my unique life‘s thread by learning how to sew and embroider my living dress and my destiny rug „Ruhnyk“. With the help of my Crowdfundingcampaign „Roots and wings through traveling while stitching and seeding“, I was able to travel with the Transsibirian Railway to Siberia, Kasakhstan (my country of origin) and Mongolia, learning the deep symbolism and sacred embroidery from indigenous women in those countries. Last summer, I furthermore deepened my embroidery arts while living and learning with indigenous women in an Anastasia Kin domain. See my Crowdfundingvideo for a nice summary of my journey so far:

Parallel to me stitching, I experienced some kind of an initiation via the three destiny Norns Urd (past), Verdanti (present) and Skuld (future) which sit at the root of the World Tree „Yggdrasil“ and weave the destiny of all living creatures.

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Together with my Soul based Coaching Training, I also experienced an inner transformation in form of gaining the ability to communicate with my own Soul and the Soul of other people with the help of „clean questions“. Step by step, and stitch by stitch, it became apparent to me that my practice of embroidery means holding the destiny thread just like the three Norns do. And that through the right questions, I am able to help other women to pick up their own unique threads of life through their own Soul‘s inner wisdom and that they can similarly start weaving their own destiny in a conscious way. Through the communication with the own Soul, it is possible to see and feel own‘s unique destiny in a clear way. Thus, I am currently following my own unique thread of destiny and am writing my first book about my experiences of reconnecting with my Soul‘s Purpose called "THE WYRDING WAY: the mysterious art of weaving destiny". I have written my first draft and am in the process of transcribing it, which may take some time. You can listen to the recording of the Prologue of my book here to get an Impression what it is all about:

I have given some Visioning Calls so far which are a combination of Soul based Coaching and Rune Readings for envisioning of the New Year‘s intentions and goals. I have furthemore been a speaker in the Embodied Shakti Summit where I talked extensively about my shamanic scred embroidery and where I gave as a freebie quite a lot of Destiny Goddess Readings. I would draw intuitevely a unique destiny symbol for the woman during our DESTINY GODDESS READING CALL. This symbol represents the main Goddess Power which expresses herself through the particular woman. Those symbols are taken from the main 27 Bereginis (Goddesses) Power Symbols as passed on from old Slawic women‘s wisdom circles, see here: This symbol can serve as a source of guidance and power for the particular woman on her own unique destiny path and she can start to consciously tap and use this power in her every day life.

It is highly important to me and part of my Vision to help as many women as possible to pick up their unique Soul‘s Purpose thread and to consciously weave their destiny, just like the three destiny Norns.

Here is my Video summarising this Vision:

Testimonials of two WEAVING DESTINY CALLS:

I am now totally certain like never before in my life that I am on my true Soul‘s Path. It gives me clarity and enormous self-confidence with proceeding of my self-employment journey.“ Danielle Deckert, Germany )

“The Weaving Destiny Call is really like putting together all different threads which are chaotic and all over the place at the beginning into one clear and strong thread. Erika naturally pulls the threads together and like by magic uncovers my own unique Soul‘s thread“ Eva-Marie Ratius,Germany).

More testimonials here: