The symbol of feminine power on my destiny rug "Rushnyk"

This #symbol stands for #femininepower and I have embroidered it on my #destiny towel called #Rushnyk in Slawic tradition back in 2017.

Ever since, this feminine power has manifested in my life through regular local feminine temple groups, my connection to Slawic embroidery teacher and esp. the initiation of how to weave destiny through the three #Norns Urd, Verdanti and Skuld. My first draft of the book 'The Wyrding way: the mysterious art of weaving destiny' is born and waits to be spreaded into the world.

In this symbol, the feminine power comes from #MotherEarth.Thats why women in Slawic tradition also wear long skirts which touch the ground. They receive the Earth energies from below which gives roots and true #power.