The symbol for joy and Goddess of Protection


I have embroidered this #symbol on my #destiny towel called #Rushnyk and also in my destiny dress with my main 7 Goddess Symbols.It represents the energy of #joy and also the Goddess of #Protection.When I do #FullMoon rituals I put this symbol on my candle or put the candle on this symbol in the middle.That way my #ancestors are present and protect me.

So, would't you like to remember and pick up this mysterious art of consciously weaving your own thread of destiny? All over the world, women come together in circles to tell stories in stitch. following the Slavic embroidery tradition, girls of seven years already start to stitch their destiny towels called "Rushnyk", stitching certain symbols to manifest certain things in their lives. In this tradition, women also stitch certain destinies through symbols for babies, married couples, diseased people to take in their graves and for certain other important occasions.this is a powerful long tradition of consciously manifesting destiny.