How can my book 'The Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of how you can weave your own destiny' help others?

How does my #sacredembroidery practice of #sacredsymbols and my #book 'The Wyrding Way: mysterious art of weaving destiny' help others?

They can pick up their own unique #threadsoflife and consciously weave their #destiny in the world wide tapestry of life.They will feel connected to their Soul's Purpose, other people and the whole universe around.Connected on the human, spiritual and universal level.Connected to their own Soul and the Soul of the World, web of life, which I call #wyrd. Then they can live a co-creative life with their Soul and Source. People will learn how to get centered, get in touch with their own Soul within, becoming a co-creative vessel through which the Spirit expresses itself.

So let's start to weave, and the divine will provide the thread.That is #cocreation par excellance.