Septembra Månsång, Saargemuenes, France

“I very much enjoyed the 3 Soul based Coaching Sessions I did with Erika! From session to session deep magic started happening in me and around me as well. I started getting confirmation on images, metaphors and key words that had come up during the Coaching sessions through synchronicities in the outside world in the most amazing way.
I am deeply amazed at this soft and magical approach to coaching that lets you discover what your Inner Voice has to tell you and helps you drop deeper and deeper into your own Self through the loving and secure space that Erika provides for through compassionate listening, her presence and the gentle questions she asks. I highly recommend this method -especially for those who DO NOT think they are “in need” of coaching in particular! I was thinking the same and am very happy at having tried out the Soul based Coaching never the less and the new insights and clarity it has helped me attain. And the magic is still unfolding, even after the coaching is over!”


Marzia Zuliani, Valencia, Spain

“I did 3 Coaching Sessions with Erika.
She’s a lovely woman, with a bright and peaceful energy.
The work she does is simple but powerful. Listening and making me listen to my words and thoughts, she does a series of questions that gently guides you to find the answers you need within you.
At the end of each session I felt uplifted, lighter and better (even though I was already feeling good at the beginning).
Moreover each time I learnt and discovered something about myself or a new lesson. Probably sooner or later I would have got there anyway, but not so quickly! So it’s been really helpful to move forward or overcome a situation.
Thank you Erika!”

Hallo dear interested boys and girls, men and women … :)

I want to talk to you about Erikas work (her soul-plan-coaching) and her beeing at all.
Fisrt of all, I have to say, that she is an amazing woman, that stands full in her power and that is totally authentic in what she wants to be and what she really is. There is no gap between those two things. She totally stands for the things she wants to create for herself in her life and is for me a very good idol of how each of us has the allowance and ability to follow the own dreams.
The soul-based coaching is a very nice possibility to get to the deeper wishes in our soul for our lifes. And the quiet art and very present beeing with oneself during a coaching and the perfect
matching questions help to get more and more to the point. To find out what really matters for
her client with whom she is having the talk.
So I can really recommend her work and to have contact to such a brave woman.
By the way this fact on its own can already encourage you to get further in your life.

Thanks Erika for living your true self!

Big hug,
Verena Lambach, Germany