The symbol of abundance in my destiny rug "Rushnyk"

I have stitched this symbol of inner and outer abundance connected within a net of seeds on my Slavic destiny towel called #Rushnyk.Interestingly while I was embroidering this symbol, I was alo planting tree seeds of my Celtic birth tree Rowan at special power places in Siberia, Kasakhstan and Mongolia while travelling with the Transsibirian Railway. See my Crowdfundingcampaign to realise this trip:

And my English Video about this trip here:

Ever since those seeds have sprouted and turned to true inner abundance through the Training and Certification of my journey to become a Soul based Coach and also to great contact to other indigenous women all around the world. So there is really something powerful about stitching those power symbols in fabric and esp. in my destiny rug. It is magic in action where the energies of the symbols manifest in reality.