My interview about my Shamanic Embroidery in the Embodied Shakti Summit


I speak about how my shamanic embroidery practice and my destiny dress with my 7 Beregini (Goddess) Symbols which represent Embodied Shakti in manifested form.

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As a free gift, I would like to gift you a 15 Min. free Destiny Call with me where I will draw you one of my 27 self- stitched Beregini (Goddess) Symbols. This Symbol may serve you as your main Goddess Power which expresses through you.

I have learned the 27 Slawic Goddess Symbols through a Card Deck here:

Here are some examples of the Goddess Symbols Standing for the Supporter, Courageous and Priestess.

Just click on the image to see different Symbols. Please sign up to receive your own Destiny Goddess Symbol here: