My journey to my roots in Siberia unfolds like the thread that I picked up last year

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Since reading the book by Olga Karidithi "Entering the Circle" two years ago, I feel a calling to visit the Altei Mountains in Siberia. A passage in the book reads:

"I fly higher and higher.Just as everything below dissolves into distance, I see again the eyes of the old woman.She is still looking at me, still smoking her pipe, totally aware of my presence and who I am. I see gratitude in her face. In the moment of change where everything dissolves, I recognize the old woman as Umai, my old friend and teacher, in yet another manifestation." (p.5)

I had a similar experience last year when visiting Mongolia and learning to hold the thread the Kasakh style, see my words here:

"When I learned to embroider Kasakh style embroidery in Mongolia with an old indigenous lady, I felt such a deep reconnective moment when looking into her eyes: it was like the grandmother of all origins from this cultural background called Umaj, was speaking to me and was saying: „So good you returned back home and that you started to hold the ancestral thread. Now continue to recover all the lost stories and threads from our cultural heritage.“ (More here:

And so I continue with holding the thread by visiting the Altei Mountains in About one week, see trip here:

I will keep you posted, have  a look here for an update